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Cyrano is a tool used for demonstrating Python packages that combines a display window and an IPython shell.

Cyrano Screenshot

Optionally, Cyrano can embed one matplotlib Figure as shown below:

Cyrano Screenshot,  Pylab embedded




Cyrano is a pure Python package. Stable source releases are here:

Cyrano v0.1.4

Rough changes between versions are here: CHANGES

Old versions are here: v0.1 v0.1.1 v0.1.2 v0.1.3

Basic Installation

Install Cyrano on Mac or Linux systems by opening a terminal window and doing this:
% tar zxf cyrano-0.1.4.tar.gz
% cd cyrano-0.1.4
% python install
% cp cyrano ...somewhere on your path...
Since we don't use it ourselves and since it didn't "just work", Windows is not yet a supported platform.

Configuration and Use

Cyrano's basic usage is defined here: README

Cyrano's default configuration is defined by which can be copied to $HOME/.cyranorc and edited to configure Cyrano.


Cyrano requires these additional Python packages in order to run:

Optionally Cyrano can make use of matplotlib for integrated plotting but it is not required:

Pmw v1.3.2 or later, found here: SourceForge (original) or stsci (cache)
IPython v0.9.1 or later, found here: (original) or stsci (cache)
matplotlib (optional) v0.99 or later, found here: (original) or stsci (cache)


Special thanks go to Perry Greenfield and Victoria Laidler who helped debug Cyrano and used it in their own presentations.

Additional thanks go to: Accerciser, Pmw, and IPython whose excellent components were used to make Cyrano.

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Last updated: 18 August 2009

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