Predefined Constants

Mathematical Constants

Definitions of various mathematical constants are in hlib$math.h. Use the following statement to use the macros:

include <math.h> 
Values (listed in Table
A.13) are given to 20 decimal places and therefore may be assigned to real or double variables without loss of precision. However, note that they are not explicitly double precision, in certain expressions in which implicit data type conversion occurs may result in truncation of precision. The definitions are from Abramowitz and Stegun, Handbook of Mathematical Functions, Chapter 1 [Abramowitz65].

Table A.13: Mathematical Constants.

Most of these are constants, except for the macros RADTODEG and DEGTORAD which convert between degrees and radians. For example the following procedure converts angles in an array from radians to degrees:

Note that one might alternately use a vops procedure to accomplish the same result.

Table A.13: - Mathematical Constants.

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