SPP Reference Manual

Tips and

This reference documents the major features of the SPP language. However, it is necessarily incomplete. For the most complete and up-to-date details of any specific library package or procedure, consult the on-line source and documentation. There is high-level documentation in the IRAF doc$ directory. The source for each library package described here, imio, clio, etc., resides in a separate directory in the IRAF hierarchy, having the name of the package. In addition, a cl environment variable is defined for each library package. Thus, the source for imio is in the directory imio$. There is a directory containing documntation describing the packages in a doc subdirectory of each library package and the source also contains documentation.

Procedure Arguments
Calling Fortran
Character Strings
Formatted I/O
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Image I/O
Logical Flags

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