Data Formats

Table Format

In addition to the image
data formats described above, STSDAS supports a table format. The table format is especially useful for storing the output of certain data processing tasks (like a list of star positions and magnitudes from daophot) and for exchanging data between different applications packages. Tasks that create, edit, and perform other functions with tables are found in the STSDAS ttools package (see "STSDAS Tables: the ttools Package" on page 68).

STSDAS tables are stored in a binary format, and table data is a mix of character string, integer, short integer, boolean, and single and double-precision floating point. Each column must be of the same predefined format, and each row must contain the same number of columns. Figure 3.7 shows how a STSDAS table is structured.

Each table column has four attributes:

STSDAS Table Structure

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