STSDAS Users Guide


Many of the tasks in STSDAS were designed to meet a wide range of astronomical data analysis needs, and can be used on essentially any astronomical data. Other tasks, while being general, are auxiliary in nature: converting data from one format to another, creating or manipulating tabular data, editing images or image headers, displaying graphics and images, etc. Most of these auxiliary tasks are found within the
fitsio, ttools, and tbplot packages, which comprise the TABLES external package. The TABLES package is bundled separately from STSDAS to make it easier for other IRAF external packages (like NOAO, XRAY, and EUV) to make use of these utilities without requiring that STSDAS be installed. However, STSDAS users will find fitsio and ttools listed in the STSDAS package tree as well: these are simply pointers back to the TABLES package, and are merely provided for convenience. STSDAS users need not worry about whether any given package is part of TABLES, since the TABLES package is loaded implicitly when loading STSDAS.

This chapter provides an overview of the general facilities provided in TABLES and STSDAS. The first two sections, on fitsio and ttools, describe tasks found within both TABLES and STSDAS; parts of the third section on graphics and plotting are also relevant for the TABLES package. The remainder of this chapter deals largely with HST-specific utilities which are only found in packages under STSDAS.

FITS Input/Output in fitsio
STSDAS Tables: the ttools Package
Graphics and Plotting
The toolbox Package

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