STSDAS Users Guide

Introduction to IRAF, TABLES, and STSDAS

The Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System (STSDAS) is a powerful set of tools and support software used to calibrate and analyze data from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). A companion package, TABLES, is a set of tools for creating and manipulating tabular data, reading and writing FITS images and tables, and creating customized graphics. STSDAS and TABLES are layered on the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility (IRAF) software from the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO); you must have IRAF to run STSDAS and TABLES.

STSDAS and TABLES are portable and, because they are layered on IRAF, should run on any system for which an IRAF port exists. STScI, in conjunction with NOAO, actively supports STSDAS and TABLES on VAX systems running VMS (including VAXStations), DECStations running Ultrix, Sun workstations and file servers running Sun/OS 4.1.3, and HP and SGI workstations. Ports to Sun systems running Solaris and to DEC Alpha systems running OSF-1 and Open VMS are under development. HST observers can use both STSDAS and IRAF applications for their data reduction and analysis.

Together, STSDAS and TABLES provide a wide range of data analysis tools, including the following capabilities:

The STSDAS calibration software is the same software used in the Institute's calibration pipeline. HST observers can, therefore, recalibrate their data, examine intermediate calibration steps, and re-run the pipeline using different calibration switch settings and reference data. STSDAS includes the software needed to generate new versions of calibration reference data and calibration parameters. STSDAS also provides tools for on-site users to access the Calibration Data Base and the Data Management Facility (the on-line archive of HST observations)*1.

In addition to IRAF's support for SPP (Subset Preprocessor) programmers and CL (IRAF command language) script writers, STSDAS supports user-developed applications through a Fortran programming interface, called f77vos, within the IRAF environment. This interface provides access to data in both image and table formats, and provides a full set of graphics I/O functions. The TABLES package also contains a full SPP programming interface for table creation and manipulation.

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