STSDAS Users Guide

Instrument-Specific Software

Several packages in STSDAS support the calibration of HST instrument data sets. This chapter provides an overview of the HST instrument-specific tasks available in STSDAS and introduces some of the concepts behind them. This chapter is not intended as a complete reference to the instruments or the calibration process.

The hst_calib package contains all of the tasks related to HST instrument calibration. One package, called ctools, contains general calibration support tasks that are common for two or more instruments. The synphot package contains tasks for simulating HST observations or doing photometry and spectral analysis. The individual tasks for each instrument are in separate subpackages, named after each instrument. These packages are:

Each of these packages, includes a task that is identical to the software used to calibrate data in the RSDP (Routine Science Data Processing) pipeline in PODPS (Post Observation Data Processing System, part of SOGS). The calibration tasks in STSDAS produce the same results as the RSDP pipeline when the same reference data and calibration parameters are used, because the code is identical. Calibration algorithms are developed and tested in STSDAS, and then installed in RSDP without modification. (The calibration tasks are listed in Table 6.1). This section is intended only to provide an overview of the calibration support software for each instrument. Extensive discussions of practical uses of the software are deferred to the HST Data Handbook.

The HST Data Handbook describes, in detail, the procedures used to interactively run the STSDAS calibration software. It also includes descriptions of how to find and retrieve reference files and background information describing how the instruments work and limitations of the data and their processing.

The Fine Guidance Sensors (FGS) are not supported by the STSDAS software. Information about FGS data and its processing can be found in Chapter 27 of the HST Data Handbook on page 419.

The Off-Line Calibration Process
General Calibration Operations
Calibration Data Base
Synthetic Photometry
Faint Object Camera
Wide Field/Planetary Cameras
Faint Object Spectrograph
Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
High Speed Photometer

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