Instrument-Specific Software

Wide Field/Planetary Cameras

wfpc package contains the Routine Science Data Processing (RSDP) calibration code for WF/PC and WF/PC-2 observations, calwfp and calwp2, as well as tasks to generate parameters and perform other supporting functions. calwfp performs a standard sequence of processing steps on individual WF/PC camera observations, removing most of the known instrument signature; calwp2 performs similar functions for observations taken with the WF/PC-2 instrument. These corrections include the A/D fixup, removing the global bias level, subtracting bias, preflash, dark, and superpurge frames (after appropriate scaling), and applying the flat field frame. The input data quality file (DQF) is updated with pixels observed to be saturated, and with the DQF of known bad pixels (static mask), and with the DQFs of any images used in the processing sequence. Histograms of the input data, the data following A/D correction, and the output data are generated. The steps performed by this task are specified by setting keywords in the input image header.

Several other tasks are available in the wfpc package to aid in the analysis of calibrated data. Most of these tasks are used for both WF/PC and WF/PC-2 data. Most of these tasks can exclude any or all classes of bad pixels (as identified in the DQF associated with each image) from the calculations, and all tasks either perform operations on all groups by default, or provide a means to switch between groups without exiting the task, as appropriate. These tasks include:

There are two
subpackages in the wfpc package: u_calib and w_calib. These subpackages contain tasks that are used for only WF/PC data or for only WF/PC-2. The WF/PC-specific tasks are in w_calib, the WF/PC-2 specific tasks are in u_calib.

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