Introduction to IRAF, TABLES, and STSDAS

How to Get STSDAS and TABLES...

The STSDAS and TABLES software is provided free of charge to the astronomical community. The software is distributed from STScI as source only (but pre-compiled binaries for several platforms are available from NOAO) on magnetic tape in several formats, or can be copied via
anonymous ftp from node ( If you are using the ftp server, move to the directory /software/stsdas/v1.3 and look for the README file; this file will explain which files you should retrieve for your system configuration. Users who wish to install STSDAS or TABLES at their home institutions should submit an STSDAS Registration Form to obtain a tape copy of the software and to be added to our mailing list so that you will be informed of new releases and system enhancements. Because STSDAS and TABLES are built on IRAF, sites must install IRAF first. If your home institution does not already have IRAF installed, you may simply request STSDAS or TABLES and we will forward a request for IRAF to NOAO on your behalf.

New releases of STSDAS, TABLES, and IRAF are often coordinated, and an update of IRAF may be required with a new release of STSDAS. Your site must be running IRAF V2.10.2 or later to run STSDAS.

[Get] - Get TABLES and STSDAS software

You must retrieve and install the TABLES package before installing STSDAS.

If you have problems retrieving or installing STSDAS or TABLES, contact the STSDAS group via e-mail at:

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