Table of Contents

Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1: - Introduction to IRAF, TABLES, and STSDAS
About STSDAS and TABLES...
How to Get STSDAS and TABLES...
User Support
Installation Help
First Time Setup for Users
CHAPTER 2: - IRAF and the CL
Loading Packages
Tasks and Commands
Running a Task
Background Tasks
Escaping System Level Commands
Piping and Redirection
Batch Jobs
Setting Parameters
Parameters on the Command Line: Positional and Hidden
Viewing Parameters with lpar
Setting Parameters with epar
Parameter Data Types--What to Specify
Restoring Parameter Default Values
Setting Environment Variables
Working with Files
File Structures
Directory Specification
Specifying Files
On-Line Help
Getting Help
Finding Tasks
Using apropos
STSDAS Package Structure
User Support--HotSeat
Using Images
Displaying Images
Printing Images
Image Sections and Groups
Tools for Working with Images
The Irafhosts File
VAX-Specific Details
Networking Syntax
Troubleshooting Networking
CHAPTER 3: - Data Formats
IRAF Images
Advantages and Problems with IRAF Images
Where Pixel Files Get Stored
Examining the Header
Data Structure Overview
Image Descriptors--Header Keywords
Group Descriptors--Group Parameter Block
Disk Binary Formats--Physical Implementation
Working With Multigroup Images
Omitting File Extensions
Specifying Groups
Specifying Image Sections
Image Types
HST Datasets
Instrument-Specific Data Structures
Astrometry Data
World Coordinates
Table Format
CHAPTER 4: - General Utilities
FITS Input/Output in fitsio
The FITS Format
FITS Capabilities in STSDAS/TABLES
Scaling Data
Tutorial: Reading and Writing FITS Files
Using Tape Drives
Reading FITS Tapes and Files
Reconstructing GEIS Images From Multiple FITS Files
Writing FITS Tapes and Files
STSDAS Tables: the ttools Package
The ttools Package
Graphics and Plotting
Graphics Tasks Overview
Tutorial: Plotting and Other Graphics
Basic Plotting Tools
Printing Plots
Device Parameter
Using fwplot
Using splot
Using implot
Contour Plots
Using igi
PostScript Plots
The toolbox Package
General Utilities: tools
Working with Image Headers: headers
Working with Images: imgtools
Converting Files: convfile
CHAPTER 5: - General Data Analysis Facilities
Image Restoration
Overview of Image Restoration
Algorithms and Methods in STSDAS
Richardson-Lucy Algorithm
Maximum Entropy Method
Wiener Filter
Adaptive Filters
Image Preparation
Cosmic Ray Removal and Bad Pixel Masking
Saturated Pixels
Boundary Extension
Combining Images of Different Resolution
PSF Preparation
Interactive Curve Fitting
Examples of Using Fitting Tasks
Fourier Analysis
The Guide Star Catalog and Plate Solutions
Isophote Fitting
Overview of Survival Analysis
Overview of the Software
Cautions and Caveats
Other STSDAS Packages
Test Data
User-Contributed Software: contrib
CHAPTER 6: - Instrument-Specific Software
The Off-Line Calibration Process
General Calibration Operations
Editing Headers with chcalpar
Reference Files
Calibration Data Base
Synthetic Photometry
Example of Using countrate
About countrate
Sample countrate Run
Faint Object Camera
FOC Geometric Processing
Optical Distortion
Spectrograph Mode
Producing FOC Photometric Files
Wide Field/Planetary Cameras
Faint Object Spectrograph
Calibration Reference Files and Tables
RSDP Calibration Code--calfos
Observation Planning and Instrument Configuration
Data Reduction and Display
Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
Calibration Reference Files and Tables
The calhrs Calibration Code
Observation Planning and Instrument Configuration
Data Reduction and Display
High Speed Photometer
RSDP-Related Calibration Software
Non-RSDP-Related Calibration Software
CHAPTER 7: - Programming
CL as a Programming Language
Writing Scripts
Using mkscript
Psets and mkscript
mkscript Task Parameters
The IMFORT Interface
The F77VOS Interface
CHAPTER 8: - Troubleshooting
Basic Problems
Tape Drives
What's On Your Tape
Device Aliases--tapecap File
Clients and Hosts--IRAF Networking
Full Tapes
System Problems
IRAF Networking
Graphics Output: Images, Displays, Printing and Plotting
imdir--the Image Directory
imtype--Image Formats
Disappearing Plots
Printed Plots Differ From Screen
Other Plot Problems
SAOimage Problems
Files and Directories
Calibration Files
File Format Conversion
Other File Questions
Installation and Site Management
Installation Problems
External Packages
System Problems
The Help Data Base
File Attributes
APPENDIX A: - CL Crib Sheet
Environment Variables
CL Parameters
I/O Redirection
Directory Specification
History Editing
Background Jobs
Arithmetic and Logical Expressions
Mathematical Functions
CL Language Components and Control Structures
String Functions
Data Types for Declarations
Optional Fields for Data Declarations
APPENDIX B: - Bibliography
IRAF Documentation
STSDAS Documentation
FITS Format
Image Restoration References
References for Statistical Analysis Methods
Synthetic Photometry
APPENDIX C: - Glossary

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