The iuetools package contains tools that are useful for performing data format conversion on IUE archival files produced by the NEWSIPS final archival calibration pipeline. This small package of tasks written in the IRAF SPP language is available for download and installation within the IRAF environment (see below).

The current version, v1.1, of iuetools was released on 9-Aug-1999. This version corrects a bug in the "mxepxand" task, and eliminates the dependence on the STSDAS package. The package includes two tasks for converting the archived files containing extracted spectra (.mxlo or .mxhi files) to formats compatible with various IRAF and STSDAS tasks, such as "splot" and "sgraph". There is also a task for generating a short summary of file headers.

See the MAST IUE web pages for more information about the format of IUE NEWSIPS FITS files and some examples of how the iuetools tasks can be used with them.

IUETOOLS downloads

We suggest you use the binary distribution.

You can download a binary distribution for:

When you extract the tar file, you will have a directory named "iuetools". Follow the instructions in PART 2 of Installation instructions

If you want to compile from source, download the source code

and follow the instructions in PART 1 and PART 2 of the Installation instructions

IUETOOLS is an old IRAF task. We do not expect that it will compile as a 64 bit IRAF task, and we have no plans to try. If you need to use it with 64 bit IRAF, we suggest you use the binaries above or set your IRAF to 32 bit mode to compile the package.