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MultiDrizzle News

MultiDrizzle in STScI_Python V2.9 Release
MultiDrizzle Version 3.3.5 has been included the release of STScI_Python Version 2.9 on 13 November 2009. This version includes all the fixes from the alpha release provided earlier.

Please report any bugs encountered while running this code to help@stsci.edu.

Improved Distortion solution for ACS
Multidrizzle Version 3.2.1 using PyDrizzle 6.3.0 implements the full distortion correction solution as calibrated by the ACS team and documented most recently in the ISR ACS 2007-08. This includes applying a time-dependent distortion solution for ACS/WFC data. Initial testing indicates alignment between images taken in different visits with an RMS of about 0.05 pixels after applying this full solution to ACS/WFC data.  More details on how to turn on this time-dependent correction can be found under Instrument-specific behavior.

Resetting DQ bits [Added: 5 June 2009]
MultiDrizzle processing in the pipeline automatically flags cosmic-rays/defects in the DQ array of each input image using the 4096 DQ value.  However, reprocessing with MultiDrizzle may want to either ignore that value or completely re-compute what pixels need to be flagged as bad by MultiDrizzle. The user can reset bits in an input image DQ array so that MultiDrizzle can reset them during improved reprocessing using these instructions, which will be added to the next version of the Handbook.

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