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A new Multidrizzle Handbook has been written to describe the algorithms used by Multidrizzle, to provide instructions on how to run MultiDrizzle, to provide an extensive set of examples, and to describe the parameters used by MultiDrizzle. The Handbook can be accessed either as a static PDF document or as static HTML pages

Updates or corrections to the officially reviewed PDF or HTML documents can be found in What's New. This material has been developed since the last version of the Handbook was made available and includes material which can immediately benefit users of Multidrizzle. This material may change before the next version of the Multidrizzle Handbook gets produced, but represents the best current information available at the time.

Standard ACS and WFC3 pipeline calibration processing currently uses MultiDrizzle to perform distortion correction, mosaic all chips into a single product, and for associated ACS images, combine them into a cosmic-ray cleaned product.  More information on the use of MultiDrizzle with ACS can be found on the ACS Drizzle Page. In addition, the final calibrated products for WFPC2 were created with MultiDrizzle to apply the best available distortion model to mosaic all 4 chips into a single field-of-view for each separate exposure.

Papers and presentations have been made in several venues regarding MultiDrizzle and its development.  A collection of the most recent or descriptive papers and presentations are made available for reference.

MultiDrizzle news
Improved distortion solutions for ACS

Resetting DQ bits


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