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Numdisplay provides the capability to visualize numpy array objects using astronomical image display tools such as DS9 or XIMTOOL  directly from the Python command line. This task can display any numpy object, whether it was created interactively or read in from a FITS file using PyFITS on any platform which supports Python and numpy. This task has been developed by the Science Software Branch at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Latest News

Latest Release

Version 1.5.6 available as of 4 Dec 2009, with numdisplay versions > 1.3 will only work with numpy.

API documentation for Numdisplay has now been made available as either a PDF document or a Postscript file.

Learning about Numdisplay

Numdisplay Instructions

 Using numdisplay requires learning a few simple instructions, including starting the display tool prior to running numdisplay.  Once In addition, numdisplay comes with its own help method which can be accessed interactively.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Known Shortcomings, Planned Improvements, and Bugs

Please send any bug reports to

Numdisplay Availability

Download Numdisplay

Numdisplay v1.5.6 (Available as of: 4-Dec-2009)  This package uses distutils for installation.

Numdisplay Requirements


Numdisplay REQUIRES the use of numpy. Numpy should have been installed with stsci_python, but if not, can be downloaded from the numpy development site.

Python 2.2(or later)

Numdisplay relies on features of Python 2.2 or later for its implementation.

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Last updated: 14 March 2008

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