6 Command Line Options

There are a few command-line options available for PyRAF:

Silent initialization (does not print startup messages)
No splash screen during startup
Set verbosity (repeated 'v' increases the level; mainly useful for system debugging)
Run the PyRAF command line interpreter to provide extra capabilities (default)
Do not start the special PyRAF interpreter; just run a standard Python interactive session
List the available options. There are long versions of all options (e.g., --help instead of -h) which are also described.

A save filename (see §2.1) can be given as a command line argument when starting up PyRAF, in which case PyRAF is initialized to the state given in that file. This allows you to start up in a particular state (preserving the packages, tasks, and variables that have been defined) and also reduces the startup time.

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Documented updated on 2004 Jun 1