Pysynphot Documentation Home

NB: Pysynphot is still under development, and so is its documentation. This preliminary documentation corresponds to pysynphot v0.7, released as part of stsci_python 2.9.

User documentation

- PysynphotQuickstartTutorial (for those who prefer to jump right in)

- Introduction to Pysynphot for Synphot Users (in progress)

- (Py)Synphot Data User's Guide: contains the supported obsmodes for all instruments and non-HST bands, and descriptions of the available atlases and catalogs. Although this document was written for SYNPHOT, all information about supported obsmodes, atlases, and catalogs applies to pysynphot as well.

For newcomers to Python                                               

- Introduction to Python syntax for non-Python Users

- Introduction to matplotlib/pyplot, the plotting package suggested for use with Pysynphot

- Beginner's Guide to Python

Technical/Developer's documentation

- TSR 2009-01: Pysynphot Commissioning Report

- API documentation: includes class hierarchies and internals for the most recent pysynphot (irafdev, trunk)