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Step 5: Create a Median Image

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Step 7: Cosmic-ray identification

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Step 6: Blotting the Median Image

The median image now gets blotted back to create median-cleaned images which can be compared directly with each input image to identify cosmic-rays.

drizzlepac.ablot.blot(data, outdata, configObj=None, wcsmap=<class drizzlepac.wcs_functions.WCSMap at 0x106ed4b48>, editpars=False, **input_dict)
drizzlepac.ablot.do_blot(source, source_wcs, blot_wcs, exptime, coeffs=True, interp='poly5', sinscl=1.0, stepsize=10, wcsmap=None)

Core functionality of performing the ‘blot’ operation to create a single blotted image from a single source image. All distortion information is assumed to be included in the WCS specification of the ‘output’ blotted image given in ‘blot_wcs’.

Parameters :

source :

Input numpy array of undistorted source image in units of ‘cps’.

source_wcs :

HSTWCS object representing source image WCS.

blot_wcs :

HSTWCS object representing the blotted image WCS.

exptime :


Return useful help from a file in the script directory called, wcsmap=None)

Run the blot task based on parameters provided interactively by the user.

drizzlepac.ablot.runBlot(imageObjectList, output_wcs, configObj={}, wcsmap=<class drizzlepac.wcs_functions.WCSMap at 0x106ed4b48>, procSteps=None)
drizzlepac.ablot.run_blot(imageObjectList, output_wcs, paramDict, wcsmap=<class drizzlepac.wcs_functions.WCSMap at 0x106ed4b48>)

Perform the blot operation on the list of images.