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Step 6: Blotting the Median Image

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Step 7: Cosmic-ray identification

The cosmic rays and bad pixels are now identified by comparing the input images with the associated blotted,median-cleaned images created.

drizzlepac.drizCR.createCorrFile(outfile, arrlist, template)

Create a _cor file with the same format as the original input image

The DQ array will be replaced with the mask array used to create the _cor file.

drizzlepac.drizCR.drizCR(input=None, configObj=None, editpars=False, **inputDict)

Look for cosmic rays.


Return useful help from a file in the script directory called
drizzlepac.drizCR.rundrizCR(imgObjList, configObj, saveFile=True, procSteps=None)

Return a dictionary of the default parameters which also been updated with the user overrides.