NEBULAR.ionic Task

Use this form to run the STSDAS task nebular.ionic. This task can calculate the level populations, critical densities, and line emissivities for a selected ion, given the electron temperature and density. If the flux and wavelength of a particular emission line are also given, this task will calculate the ionic abundance, relative to H+. Simply fill in the appropriate information below and press the |Perform Calculation| button to calculate the line emissivities. Detailed help is available in the STSDAS on-line documentation, but bear in mind that the interface for this form is different.

Select an atom:

Specify a spectrum (e.g., for [O III] use "III"):


Enter a value for the electron temperature:

Enter a value for the electron density:

Optional Parameters

Enter the wavelength of an emission line and an associated tolerance (Angstroms): Enter the flux of the emission line (on the scale I(H-beta)=100): Print the level populations and critical densities? No Yes

Calculate Line Emissivities

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