NEBULAR.temden Task

Use this form to run the STSDAS task nebular.temden. This task can calculate the electron temperature or density from the ratio of the diagnostic emission lines from a selected ion. Simply fill in the appropriate information below and press the |Perform Calculation| button. Detailed help is available in the STSDAS on-line documentation, but bear in mind that the interface for this form is different.

A list of the diagnostic line ratios is available.

Which quantity do you wish to calculate?

Electron density
Electron temperature
For which atom?

For which spectrum (e.g., for [O III] use "III")?


Enter an expression a for custom diagnostic ratio if not the default (e.g. j(3,1)/j(2,1) ):

Enter an assumed value for the quantity NOT being calculated:

Enter an algebraic expression for the diagnostic flux ratio (e.g., (29.+10.)/0.5):

Calculate Electron Density or Temperature

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