Header Parameters

Tables may contain header parameters consisting of a keyword name, data type flag, and a value. These are stored in the table as text strings. These parameters are not used for information such as the number of rows or columns, and the table I/O routines do not use header parameters when getting or putting table elements. The same data types are supported for header parameters as for table data, and type conversion is performed, except that a value stored as a text string may only be gotten as text, not as numeric or boolean. The distinction between adding and putting values is the same as for image header keywords. You can call tbhptT to put a header parameter only if that parameter already exists in the table, but you can call tbhadT to either add a new header parameter or replace an existing one. In contrast to the imio interface, when you open a table NEW_COPY, the header parameters are not copied.


Table E.6: Header Parameter Procedures.

Table E.6: - Header Parameter Procedures.

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