Basic Problems

8.1 lists a few ideas for starting to solve problems in IRAF or STSDAS.

Troubleshooting Process

If you run into any problems using STSDAS, you can isolate and solve the problem by:

  1. Checking parameters.

  2. Reading the online help.

  3. Reading the documentation.

  • Site Guide for IRAF and STSDAS

  • Synphot Users Guide

  • IGI Reference Manual

  • Quick Reference Cards

  • IRAF documentation

  • STSDAS Site Managers Installation Guide and Reference

  • Finding out if there's a task that does what you want.

  • Contacting HotSeat.

    If your problem persists, and you suspect that there is an error in the software, contact the STSDAS HotSeat staff by sending e-mail to:, or phone (410) 516-5100.

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