Introduction to IRAF, TABLES, and STSDAS


The most extensive information about the STSDAS package and tasks can be found in the online help files.
These are continuously updated and will always be more current than printed documentation--your first line of inquiry should always be to consult the online help.

The STSDAS group provides various user manuals and other documents to help explain the software and its use. This documentation is provided in printed form to users who request the software on tape from the Institute. Users who retrieve the software via anonymous ftp can also retrieve a complete set of documentation in the directory documents/stsdas-docs. These files are in PostScript form; if you have trouble using PostScript files, please request a printed documentation set from the HotSeat staff or the User Support Branch at STScI.

A complete user documentation set consists of:

The STSDAS Calibration Guide has been replaced by the HST Data Handbook

[Document] - Request or get documents

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