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MultiDrizzle Examples

MultiDrizzle automates and simplifies the detection of cosmic-rays and the combination of dithered observations and supports  these operations for images from all active HST imaging instruments: WFC3, ACS,STIS, NICMOS, and the now retired WFPC2.

The latest set of examples demonstrating how to use MultiDrizzle can be found in Chapter 6 of the new Handbook(Version 3.0).  Specific examples can be found in the static HTML version of the Handbook Version 3.0 for:

An example of the cleaned MultiDrizzle product from the ACS Archive Pipeline, for a dithered 4-exposure observation of the nearby galaxy NGC 4594. The top panels show the final full-frame drizzled and weight images (left and right, respectively). The bottom left panel shows a close-up of the output image from MultiDrizzle, while the bottom right panel shows the sum of all the accumulated cosmic rays originally present in the exposures.

New examples as they get developed will be developed and added to the wiki version of the handbookThe examples provided in the wiki, however, may not be entirely correct in their descriptions or commands specified to create the example, but may include information about new features of the code as it continues to develop.
Additional examples can be found on various instrument's web pages; for instance,

MultiDrizzle news
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