The following code is a task statement that creates a task for the above procedures.

task    arrows, 
To compile the code, use xc directly or use mkpkg, which also uses xc. If you extract the SPP code in the previous sections in files named bones.x, filter.x, hello.x, arrows.x, and x_tutor.x, respectively, the following command will compile and link them:

xc x_tutor.x bones.x filter.x hello.x arrows.x 
producing x_tutor.e as the executable. You can either run this directly or define tasks in the cl:

task    arrows, bones, filter, hello = x_tutor.e 

B.12.1 mkpkg

The following is a
sample mkpkg file to make the package comprising the above examples. It creates a library (tutor.a) containing the procedures and links a single executable (physical task) containing several logical tasks.

B.12.1 - mkpkg

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