STSDAS Users Guide

General Data
Analysis Facilities

In addition to the instrument-specific applications and the general tools described in the previous two chapters, STSDAS includes seven general data analysis packages that can be used on essentially any astronomical data. These packages are grouped under the analysis package and include image restoration, various fitting routines, fourier analysis, access to the Guide Star Catalog, and statistics. This chapter provides an overview of the generic analysis facilities provided by STSDAS. Some of the features found in
analysis subpackages include:

Other tasks that may be useful to the HST observing community, but that are not yet complete are provided in the playpen package. Tasks that may be useful but that were written outside the STSDAS group are provided on a non-supported basis in the contrib package.

Image Restoration
Interactive Curve Fitting
Fourier Analysis
The Guide Star Catalog and Plate Solutions
Isophote Fitting
Other STSDAS Packages

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