STSDAS Users Guide

IRAF and
the CL

STSDAS is the software system for calibrating and analyzing data from the Hubble Space Telescope. The package is large and powerful, containing programs--called tasks--to perform a wide range of functions supporting the entire data analysis process, from reading your tapes, through recalibration and analysis, to producing your final plots and images.

STSDAS is built on top of the IRAF system developed at NOAO. This means that any task in IRAF can be used in STSDAS and that the software will be portable across a number of platforms and operating systems. To effectively exploit the power of STSDAS, you will need to learn the basics of IRAF.

This chapter will include information about how to use IRAF for the first time, as well as background information about IRAF's underlying concepts. Basic information about reading FITS tapes and displaying images and spectra is also provided. For more information about basic IRAF concepts and usage, see A Beginner's Guide to Using IRAF, available from the IRAF group at NOAO.

Working with Files
On-Line Help
Using Images

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